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Butterfly Valves


˙ Butterfly valves, no matter manually or automatically, can be used in most fluid product applications in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Operating Principles

˙ The butterfly valves can be operated automatically through actuator or manually with the


˙ The handle blocks the valve in the "open" or "closed" position, certainly there are the other

position available.

˙ The actuator push piston of axial movement into 90 degree so that it controls butterfly valve.

Design and features

˙ Compact and robust design

˙ Available in sizes DN25/1" toDN150/6"

˙ The size of multi-position handle up to


˙ The size of pull handle up to DN125/150/6"

˙ Manual handle, pneumatic actuator and electric

actuator can be exchangeable with each other

˙ Low pressure losses

˙ The valve body can be changeable with any

kind of connection

Check Valve

Operating principle

˙ The valve opens when the pressure of the fluid exceeds the pressure exerted by the

pump spring.When the two pressures are equalised, the valve closes.A stronger

counter-pressure allows the valve to close.



˙ Casing/shaft AISI 316L

˙ Spring AISI 301

˙ Seal EPDM according to FDA 177.2600

˙ Surface finishing Ra≤0.8μm

Clamp Fittings

Clamp Style Fittings are most popular for easy assembly are break-down of process lines and equipment. 


SINOSS offers Clamp fittings in SS304 and SS316L material in ½" through 8".


SINOSS  produce kinds of fittings standard, such as DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO/IDF, BS-RJT, DS and so on various standard series.


Gaskets for Clamp Fittings are available in several different materials, such as EPDM, Silicon and PTFE.

Man Hole Cover


˙ The Man Hole Is Mainly Used For Tanks In The Fields Of Food, Beverage, Chemical, Etc.

Sanitary Strainer Filter

Operating Principles


˙ Working Principle: filter is used to prevent the solid particles from media mixed into the follow-up pipeline facilities.


˙ The larger solid particles or impurities will remaining in it after the media is put into proper filter core, as it can reach the request. 


˙ When surrounding pressure of the filter exceeds demand, or when the filter core is damaged, you can remove the filter, clean or change new filter core, and re-install it.


Fluid Equipment

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