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Waste Angle Seat Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
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Waste Angle Seat Pneumatic Sanitary Valves

Pneumatic angle seat valve is widely used for frequent start in short time. It has the characteristics of sensitive response and accurate action. When used with solenoid valve, it can accurately control the flow of gas and liquid with pneumatic control. It can meet the requirements of accurate temperature control and dripping liquid. The damp heat sterilization cabinet uses angle seat valve to control the amount of steam and accurately control the temperature.

Technical parameters of sanitary pneumatic angle seat valve:

Pipeline pressure: Max1.6Mpa (232psi)

Control pressure: 0.3-0.8Mpa (43.5-116psi)

Control medium: neutral gas or air

Body material: CF8M/CF8 (SS316, SS304)

Sealing material: PTFE

Cylinder material: CF8 (SS304)

Cylinder size: 27mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm,

80mm, 100mm, 125mm

Applicable medium: water, alcohol, oil, dye, steam, neutral gas or liquid, organic solvent, acid-base solution

Medium temperature: -10℃-+180℃, 25℃-+220℃

Ambient temperature: -10℃-+80℃

Control form: single-acting normally closed, normally open, double-acting normally closed, double-acting free state

Connection form: threaded, welded, flanged, quick-installed


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