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Waste 3 Way Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
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Waste 3 Way Pneumatic Sanitary Valves

Sanitary-grade pneumatic male-threaded three-way ball valves have passed precise inspection procedures and strict quality management. During the processing, the runner is precisely polished and treated. Its structure is divided into three-way T-type and three-way L-type, which play a role in dividing, merging, and reversing the medium. The sealing ring is a fully enclosed type and tightly wraps the valve ball, with no space and dead corners. Both ends are externally threaded to facilitate disassembly and cleaning. The working principle is also through the 90-degree rotation of the pneumatic actuator to drive the rotation of the sphere to achieve the flow and blockage of the medium.

Structural features of stainless steel sanitary external thread pneumatic three-way ball valve:

1. The three-way ball valve is a stainless steel ball valve with three channels. Its spool is divided into two types: L-type and T-type. Any pipe can be used as an inlet or an outlet.

2. The valve stem anti-flying structure: The valve stem is a bottom-mounted type to prevent it from flying out under pressure. After a fire, it can form metal contact with the valve body to ensure the valve stem is sealed.

3. The flow passage of the three-way ball valve is mirror-polished. When the pipeline is closed, there is no retention in the valve, which ensures the second degree of pollution of the logistics.

4. Fire-resistant structure: All parts (ball and valve body, middle flange, valve stem and valve body) are designed to be in contact with metal to meet the fire resistance requirements and meet the requirements of API6FA and API607.

5. The connection part of the sanitary articulated three-way ball valve adopts round threaded joints processed by imported product data, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly and cleaning.


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