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Tank Bottom Stainless Steel Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
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Tank Bottom Stainless Steel Pneumatic Sanitary Valves

Sanitary tank bottom ball valve is a kind of valve used for discharge of special storage tanks. It is commonly used at the bottom of sanitary tanks. One end of the valve is welded to the storage tank and the other end is quick-installed. It has convenient and quick installation, no dead ends, no retention, etc. Features, widely used in storage tanks in the pharmaceutical, pure water, food, beverage, beer and other industries. The valve is made of 304, 316, 316L stainless steel, which can be opened and closed manually or the flow rate can be adjusted manually.

Working temperature: -10~135℃, sterilization temperature 150℃ (Max20min)

Valve body material: stainless steel SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L

Sealing material: PTFE

Surface polishing accuracy: internal and external mirror polishing Ra<0.4um

Drive mode: manual, pneumatic, or electric

Working pressure: 0-16bar

Structure: floating straight-through


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