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Stainless Steel Sanitary Exhaust Valve
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Stainless Steel Sanitary Exhaust Valve

This series of safety valves is calibrated to a specific pressure by adjusting the compression nut of the spring. The calibration pressure is the pressure value set to avoid equipment damage. Under normal working pressure, the valve is closed; when the system pressure exceeds the calibration pressure, the valve is closed; when the system pressure exceeds the calibration pressure, the valve opens. The pressure in the pipeline system is released, so as to protect the pipeline and equipment.
Attention should be paid to the use of safety exhaust valves: the safety exhaust valve is a relatively special valve, which has been strictly checked before leaving the factory. However, in order to make the valve more suitable for the actual operating conditions, it should be done when possible. The valve may be re-calibrated on site.

Structure formation and characteristics:

1. It has a series of advantages such as simple structure, beautiful shape, fast pressure adjustment, and convenient maintenance.

2. The pressure control is adjustable and can be adjusted arbitrarily within a safe range

3. The valve body material is made of stainless acid-resistant steel, the surface is bright and clean, the seal is made of special food rubber, and the product conforms to hygiene standards

Technical Parameters: 

1. Working pressure: ≤6bar

2. Control pressure range: 0.5~6bar

3. Nominal diameter: DN15~DN50

4. Sealing type: food rubber, beer equipment, etc.

5. Medium temperature: -10℃~+120℃

6. Working medium: liquid material, gas

7. Connection method: quick-fit clamp type, threaded loose knot type (DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF standard), flange, welding (other interfaces can be customized)




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