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Stainless Steel 3A Beer Sanitary Pipe Clamp Fittings
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Stainless Steel 3A Beer Sanitary Pipe Clamp Fittings

[Name]: Stainless steel 304 pipe cap
[Thread]: Commonly used inch pipe thread BSPT/R/RC/ZG pipe thread
[Specifications]: 1″=1 inch=DN25
[Material]: Standard 304 (silica sol casting process)
【Pressure】: 150LB
【Temperature】: -20~200℃

Production process: silica sol precision casting-CNC machining-ultrasonic cleaning-high temperature drying-quality inspection-packaging


1. Silica sol precision casting mainly produces high-end precision castings, mainly made of stainless steel 304 and 316. The unit weight of the product is generally 0.01kg-50kg. It is used for thin shell precision casting, which can make the shell strong and cast. The finish is high, and its shape is better than that of water glass. It is mainly supplied to the international market.

2. CNC lathe processing The processing accuracy is high, generally up to 0.005-0.1mm. High stability and reliability, good consistency of processed parts, and stable quality.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning The cleaning effect is good, the cleanliness is high and the cleanliness of all the workpieces are consistent, and the deep holes, crevices and hidden parts of the workpiece can also be cleaned!


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