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Ss316 As Dairy Equipment Sanitary Pipe Fittings
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Ss316 As Dairy Equipment Sanitary Pipe Fittings

Name: Oxygenation device
Material: 304, 316
Place of Origin: Wenzhou
Specification: DN15-50
Standards: DIN, SMS, ISO
Connection type: quick installation, thread
Temperature: 100 degrees
Drive mode: automatic
Pressure: 1.0.mpa
Warranty period: 12 months

A large amount of yeast is needed during beer fermentation, and the yeast in wort needs oxygen to propagate. In order to accelerate the proliferation of yeast, we must provide enough oxygen to the yeast in wort. If oxygenation is delayed, it is not conducive to the growth of yeast and the normal progress of fermentation speed. In the beer brewing process, oxygenation of the wort before cooling into the fermenter is the only opportunity to provide oxygen to the yeast. The amount of wort oxygenation has a great influence on beer quality. If too much oxygen is introduced, the yeast will multiply in large quantities, and less ethanol will be formed, and the wine body will appear thin; if the oxygen is too little, the dissolved amount of oxygen will be too low, which will affect the reproduction and fermentation indicators of the yeast.

In traditional fermentation production, the amount of wort oxygenation is mostly based on the theoretical wort output and the amount of feed in the saccharification workshop to calculate the total amount of wort oxygenation, and then based on the total amount of oxygenation and wheat When the juice enters the fermentation tank, the instantaneous value of wort oxygenation is calculated. The operator manually opens the oxygenation valve during the process of the wort entering the fermentation tank, and automatically closes the valve when the oxygenation level is reached. The instantaneous value of oxygenation is manually adjusted by the operator. However, this process has drawbacks, that is, because the oxygenation amount is calculated based on the theoretical wort amount, there is a difference between the theoretical wort amount and the actual amount of wort that enters the fermentation tank, resulting in the actual amount of wort oxygenation being too much or too little . The wort aeration start is manually opened by the operator, causing some wort to enter the fermentation tank without oxygenation. During the process of wort oxygenation, the wort flow rate in the pipeline changes, and the instantaneous value of oxygenation is manually adjusted, which cannot guarantee that the amount of wort oxygenation per unit volume is constant.


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