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Sanitary return pump
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Sanitary return pump

Pay attention to international cooperation, introduce international advanced processing equipment, and professionally produce products such as sanitary pumps, sanitary valves, pneumatic reversing valves, sanitary pipe fittings, and pipeline links. Products are manufactured according to the technical parameters provided by customers and industrial standards such as ISO, IDF, DIN and 3A. All technologies meet the requirements of GMP Pharmacopoeia. High-quality products, preferential prices, satisfactory services

The return pump is designed after digesting the advantages of similar foreign products, surveying and improving, with compact and reasonable structure and precise manufacturing. This pump is superior to centrifugal pumps in that it can suck liquids mixed with air or foam, even when only air is used, it can still suck by itself. The pump is a positive displacement pump.

Standard design: The static ring of the sanitary mechanical seal is made of AISI316L steel embedded with graphite, and the moving ring is made of silicon carbide.

Material: All the liquid parts pump casing, pump cover and impeller are made of AISI316L stainless steel; the motor guard is made of AISI304 stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of EPDM rubber.

Outer surface: stainless steel

Material of wetted part: SUS316 stainless steel

Maximum inlet pressure: 0.5MPa

Temperature range: -10 degrees ~ + -140 degrees

Noise level: less than 85dB(A)

Voltage and frequency: 3~, 50Hz, 240V/380-420V/660-690V


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