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Sanitary Welded Tee
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Sanitary Welded Tee

Weld Fittings are used on permanent installations where process piping and equipment can be cleaned in place (CIP) and
removal from the system is not required. Weld Fittings are offered in nominal tube sizes 1/2˝ through 8˝ in T304 and T316L
materials. Uniform wall thickness for 1/2˝ through 3" sizes measure 0.065 (16 ga). In 4" size, wall thickness measures 0.083 (14
ga), 6˝ and 8˝ 0.109 (12 ga).
SINOSS produce kinds of fittings standard, such as DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO/IDF, BS-RJT, DS and so on various standard series.

Manufacturer and supplier of  sanitary buttweld pipe fittings, sanitary tri-clamp pipe fittings, sanitary I-line pipe fittings, sanitary bevel seat pipe fittings.

Whatever you are engaged in food processing, fresh milk processing, beer brewage, Bearnaise processing, chocolate processing, comestic mixing, biopharmacy processing, you will find a high purity and high precision fittings for your pipeline systems. 


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