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Sanitary Clamped Butterfly Valve With Pull Rod Handle
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Sanitary Clamped Butterfly Valve With Pull Rod Handle

Sino Stainless is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter for Sanitary Butterfly Valves or food grade butterfly valves.
Sanitary quick installation butterfly valve is produced according to the standards: ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A, etc., the material is stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316L, the sealing ring material is EPDM, NBR, PTFE.Suitable for stainless steel piping system in dairy, food, beer, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries.

[Product Features] :

1. The valve body adopts detachable connection, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

2, the shape is light and beautiful, the surface is bright and not sticky dust, no burr.

3, steel parts are made of stainless steel, rubber is made of food rubber, high health quality.

4, butterfly valve rubber sealing ring and valve plate are imported parts, to ensure the use of butterfly valve performance and service life.

5, open and close range of 0 ~ 90 degrees, can be fixed on the position of every 15 degrees, adjustable, and open and close quickly, easy to operate.


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