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Sampling Stainless Steel Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
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Sampling Stainless Steel Pneumatic Sanitary Valves

Sanitary sampling valve is a valve used to obtain medium samples in pipelines or equipment. In many occasions where chemical analysis of medium samples is often required, special sanitary sampling valves are often used. According to the working principle or performance of sampling, sanitary sampling valves are mainly divided into three types, including double opening valves, flanged clamp valves and sanitary sampling valves with insulation jackets.

1. Double opening valve

   Double opening valve is a more commonly used sanitary sampling valve, usually composed of two connected ball valves, which is characterized by safe and stable sampling. In the sampling process, first close the A valve near the equipment and pipeline in the double opening valve, then open the B valve to allow the medium to flow into the space between the two valves, then close the B valve and open the A valve, and place the sampling vessel in the sampling vessel. The mouth holds the sampling medium.

2. Flange clamp valve

The principle of the flange clamp valve is to seal through the cone on the top of the valve stem and the cone hole of the valve seat. When sampling, use the handwheel to raise the position of the valve stem and separate the valve stem from the cone hole. The medium can then flow into the external sampling vessel.

3. Sampling valve with insulation jacket

During the use of the sanitary sampling valve, if you encounter a situation that requires the use of an insulation jacket, you should pay attention to the operation. The valve cannot be forcibly opened before the medium is completely melted. The valve must not be opened until the crystal in the valve is melted. Otherwise, Easy to cause safety accidents.


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