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Round Waterproof Sewer Tank Manhole Cover
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Product Detail

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Round Waterproof Sewer Tank Manhole Cover

Design and features
Inner surface: mirror or white
Outer surface: mirror polished, oiled
Pressure: 1.0bar
Washer: EPDM, white silicon can be according to customer requirements
Height: 100.120.150 according to customer requirements
Material: 304 316L Our factory uses all new boards, the quality is guaranteed! Can be selected according to customer requirements
Product packaging: carton, shockproof bubble film
Product price: teleconference, online quotation, negotiable etc
Dimensions: ∮200-∮500 (mm)
The inner diameters of this manhole cover structure are: DN200, DN300, DN400, DN450, DN500, DN600, DN800.

This product is made of SUS304, 316L, which can meet the special requirements of various media in the food and biopharmaceutical fields. Its smooth, seamless, and automatic emptying of handcraft fluid channels is also very suitable for the needs of steam and in-situ cleaning. In the process, the quality control is strictly in accordance with FDA requirements, and the computer three-dimensional design is adopted, which is manufactured for GMP requirements.

●Sanitary round manholes, standard stainless steel round manholes are used in large tanks and containers in industrial fields such as dairy products, beer, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and bioengineering;

●Oval type (pressure): can withstand pressure 5bar

Specification: 435×335,535×435,635×525

●Round type (pressure): can withstand pressure 5bar

Specification: 400×120,430×120,450×120,500×120,600×120

●Round type (non-pressure): The manhole opening of the large tank is dustproof, and this type of manhole is installed above the liquid.

Specifications: 400×100, 430×100, 450×100, 500×100, 600×100.

●Rectangular (pressure): can withstand a pressure of 5bar.

Specifications: 330×430,435×512,412×535;

●Sanitary round manhole, stainless steel round manhole Standard manhole types: normal pressure type, pressure type with sight glass, hand wheel type, rectangle, oval, ellipse with mirror, hand hole, square, etc., specifications and materials are available According to customer requirements.


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