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Round Pressure Sewer Tank Manhole Cover
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Round Pressure Sewer Tank Manhole Cover

All pressure vessels or non-pressure vessel manholes adopt quick-opening structure, which is convenient and safe to open, beautiful and practical in appearance.
Oval manhole model type:
There are square manholes, round manholes, oval manholes, oval manholes, square manholes related, Cangzhou Hairun Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd., Hairun Pipeline Equipment, withstand pressure ≤0.5MPa.

Pressure manhole is used for beer equipment, wine equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, chemical equipment

Product name: Sanitary round pressure manhole

Material: stainless steel SUS304 304L 316L.

Withstand pressure range: can withstand 0.4mpa working pressure,

Surface treatment: Matte polished surface (Ra≦0.8um), internal sand white treatment, mirror polished inside and outside.

Features: It belongs to the quick-opening pressure manhole, the product design is beautiful and durable.

Product application: pharmaceutical, food, dairy, fluid equipment, beer, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, and other industries.

Note: It can be customized according to customer needs.


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