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Metal 3A Beer Sanitary Pipe Clamp Fittings
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Metal 3A Beer Sanitary Pipe Clamp Fittings

Stainless steel double-piece wall bushings are used for general pipes to pass through walls, which is beneficial to the waterproofing and decoration of walls. The pipes pass through the hardware fittings of buildings that are subject to vibration or have strict waterproof requirements. They are often used in home improvement, building materials, and piping systems. , Construction, chemical industry, steel, tap water, water treatment and other units.

Product name: stainless steel double-piece wall-through casing (inner and outer wire double-piece wall-through casing)

Casing specifications: 19~108 (MM)

Overall length: 50-100MM (can be lengthened according to customer needs)

Main material: stainless steel 304, 316L

The stainless steel wall bushing is used in the production workshop to penetrate the upper and lower layers and penetrate the color steel plate between the walls to protect the steel pipe. The size and length are customized according to the outer diameter of the steel pipe to be worn. The outer surface is polished, exquisite and beautiful.


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