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KF Vacuum Straight Tube
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KF Vacuum Straight Tube

304 stainless steel vacuum straight tube KF16 equal diameter quick-fitting KF25 vacuum tube joint KF40KF50 straight tube KF25-150mm straight

①Strict material selection

Choose Baosteel material processing to ensure reliable material quality.

②One-piece flange processing

The surface of all parts is bright and smooth, and the surface is free of burrs and flashes.

R1.5mm rounded corners.

Tolerance range of fit size: ±20~50 μm,

Surface roughness range: 0.8~1.6 μm.

③Leak detection of welding components

The vacuum welding components will pass the helium mass spectrometer leak detector to detect the leak rate value ≤ 1E-11 pa.m3/s.

④Product cleaning and surface treatment

Vacuum products are cleaned by ultrasonic, and welded parts are electrolytically polished.

⑤Baking and degassing

All parts are baked and degassed, reducing the time for customers to obtain the expected vacuum degree, and the quality is guaranteed.

⑥The product is interchangeable

Ultra-high vacuum parts adopt metric and imperial double standards, which can be used with domestic and foreign instruments, and the products have interchangeability characteristics.

⑦Product vacuum packaging

After the vacuum degassing is completed, the vacuum products are vacuum packed.


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