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How to determine the size of sanitary fittings?
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How to determine the size of sanitary fittings?

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How to determine the size of sanitary fittings?

Wenzhou Sino Stainless Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou, China and supplies a wide range of stainless-steel products for the food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic and wine industries. Our products have been well exported to Europe, America, and Asia. Sinoss uses advanced CNC machines, machining and testing facilities to ensure that our products meet your expectations for reliable performance and quality.

You may be struggling with the choice of sanitary clamping fittings or other types of sanitary fittings for your project but that's okay, you can read on to learn more and feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.


This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of sanitary clamp fittings:

1)     Brief introduction of sanitary clamp fittings

2)     What kind of clamp fittings do we provide?

3)     Choose our sanitary clamping fittings


Brief introduction of sanitary clamp fittings

There are two ways to find the size of a sanitary tri-clamp fitting.

Option 1 | Measure the outside diameter (OD) of the sanitary tri-clamp fitting.

-Place the gasket on a piece of paper and draw a circle on the outside of the end of the test tube

-Measure the diameter of the drawn circle to determine the outside diameter (OD) of the part

Please see the enclosed video or refer to the following guide to find your sanitary fitting size.

Option 2 | Measure the inside diameter (ID) of the tri-clamp spacer by.

-Place your piece on a piece of paper and draw a circle inside

-Measure the diameter of the depicted circle to determine the inside diameter (ID)

See the diagram below and related drawings to determine the size of your sanitary fittings.

If you have any questions, please call us.

Next, use the outside diameter (OD) or inside diameter (ID) measurements to determine the gasket size.

The outside diameter (OD) is not equal to the size of the sanitary fitting. To determine the correct sanitary fitting size needed, please refer to the sizing chart. Contact us for more information on clamp fitting sizing.

What kind of clamp fittings do we provide?

Clamp Style Fittings are most popular for easy assembly are break-down of process lines and equipment.

SINOSS offers Clamp fittings in SS304 and SS316L material in ½" through 8".

SINOSS produce kinds of fittings standard, such as DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO/IDF, BS-RJT, DS and so on various standard series.

Gaskets for Clamp Fittings are available in several different materials, such as EPDM, Silicon and PTFE.

If you are not sure of the sanitary clamp fittings model you want, or have questions about the sanitary clamp fittings you need for your project, you can consult us, we have professional staff can provide you with the best help, you can easily find our contact information on our web page, welcome to call us!


Choose our sanitary clamping fittings

Maintenance of sanitary clamping fittings - The stainless-steel fittings we offer are a popular choice in many industries because of their ability to maintain a clean surface to resist corrosion and rust.

When properly cleaned and maintained, your sanitary parts should last for a long time. When you need replacement parts (for less money), choose us for your requirements.


Sinoss will be your reliable and experienced partner in the production of pharmaceutical, food and environmental equipment, providing you with complete, efficient and economical solutions for the industry.

Not only that, Sinoss after-sales service department is staffed by professional technicians who have the technical expertise and practical on-site after-sales service. We are sure to give you the best consumer experience.


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