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How to choose sanitary clamp fittings?
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How to choose sanitary clamp fittings?

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How to choose sanitary clamp fittings?

Taking on the role of the family "handyman" was a natural path for me. Watching my father fix anything as a child made me wish I was like him. Now, with my own toolbox, I can tackle any task that comes my way around the house. Choose the right sanitary clamp fittings for your bathroom or the right transport gear for your food items. Consider us your best choice! Read the short article to learn more about sanitary clamp fittings.


This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of sanitary clamp fittings:

1)     Elbows of sanitary fittings

2)     Tee, Y and cross sanitary fittings

3)     Couplings and couplings sanitary fittings

4)     Compression fittings for sanitary fittings

5)     Caps and plugs for sanitary fittings

6)     Sanitary fittings' flapper


Elbows of sanitary fittings

Elbows (also called "wells") are used to change the direction of a piping system. Elbows usually have a 45-degree or 90-degree bend, but other angles can be used. Elbows come in a variety of diameters and are often threaded for connection. A common example of a domestic elbow fitting extends from the wall of the shower to the portion of the shower head to which it is attached.


Tee, Y and cross sanitary fittings

T-, Y- and cross-shaped fittings are all used to combine or disconnect pipe sections or segments. Their names describe the basic design of each part: T-fittings and Y-fittings have one input and two outputs (and vice versa), intersecting at 90-degree and 45-degree angles, respectively. The crossover fittings have one input and three outputs (and vice versa), which intersect at a 90-degree angle. All three designs are available in both standard designs (all outlet/inlet diameters are the same) and reduced designs (one or more of the dimensions are different).


Couplings and couplings sanitary fittings

Couplings and couplings are available in many different sizes and designs. The basic function of each component is to simply connect two pipes. As a result, couplings and live joints are usually very short. The main difference between a coupling and a live joint is that the coupling is designed to be somewhat permanent and is usually welded into place or held in place by a series of bolts and nuts, while the live joint is designed to be easily disassembled at any time.


Compression fittings for sanitary fittings

Compression sanitary fittings usually consist of three parts: a body, a nut and a washer ring (or ferrule). They use pressure to tighten the connection and thus prevent leakage. These fittings are used in many different industries, as well as in many places throughout the house, such as toilets and faucets.


Caps and plugs for sanitary fittings

Caps and stoppers perform essentially the same function, but in different ways. As the name implies, a cap is a cover that goes through the end of a pipe, creating a dead end. A stopper also clogs the plumbing system, but plugs into the end of the pipe like a cork.


Sanitary fittings' flapper

Valves, while considered fittings, are sometimes placed in their own category due to their complexity and diversity. There are many different types of valves, but a unifying attribute is that they control the flow of fluids and gases through the system. In addition, some valves are also used to control temperature. Some common types of valves are butterfly, gate, globe and ball. Sink and shower/tub faucets are the most common types of valves.


This article only briefly describes the following types of sanitary clamp fittings. If you would like to learn more about our sanitary stainless clamp fittings, you can contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.



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