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Gate Stainless Steel Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
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Gate Stainless Steel Pneumatic Sanitary Valves

Pneumatic angle seat valve, stainless steel pneumatic angle seat valve is widely used for frequent start in a short time. It has the characteristics of sensitive response and accurate action. It can be used with solenoid valve and pneumatic control can accurately control the flow of gas and liquid. It can meet the requirements of accurate temperature control and dripping liquid. The damp heat sterilization cabinet uses angle seat valve to control the amount of steam and accurately control the temperature.

The angle seat valve can save space by maintaining the flow rate. It adopts a guided angle seat valve operated by a single-acting pneumatic actuator with spring safety protection. When using, you should choose normally open or normally closed.

1. With valve opening or closing position display.

2. External pneumatic pilot can increase the service life and free of maintenance.

3. There is a self-adjusting sealing gland between the overflow port and the sliding block, which can improve the sealing performance.

4. The angle seat structure of the valve body can achieve large flow (especially compared with ordinary globe valves), compact structure and quick response.


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