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External Thread Clamping Conversion Tee
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External Thread Clamping Conversion Tee

The working principle of the compression fitting is to insert the thin-walled stainless steel tube into the socket of the compression fitting, and the compression tool clamps the stainless steel tube in the fitting. The cross section of the compression fitting is hexagonal, and the stainless steel tube and the fitting There is an O-ring seal between them, which makes it have the characteristics of anti-leakage, anti-drawing, anti-vibration and high-pressure resistance. Therefore, it is a relatively connecting piece in direct drinking water system, tap water system, heating system, steam system, industrial oil pipe system and industrial gas pipe system. It is suitable for pipe connection of drinking water, tap water, natural gas, domestic hot and cold water, medical gas, fire fighting, etc.

10 advantages of stainless steel drinking water pipes, the choice for confidence

*Sanitation: It is not easy to build up dirt after long-term use, effectively avoiding secondary pollution of water quality.

*Anti-corrosion: the whole pipe fittings are solid solution treated, and the surface is pickled and passivated, which is not easy to corrode.

*Strong: The overall strength is twice that of galvanized pipes and three times that of steel pipes.

*Light weight: the weight is 1/3 of the galvanized pipe, especially suitable for the piping of high-rise buildings.

*Low conductivity: low thermal conductivity, 1/25 of steel pipe, 1/4 of steel pipe, slow thermal expansion and cold contraction, suitable for buried construction.

*Environmental protection: no pollutants at the construction site, no pollution to the environment.

*Long life: The service life can reach more than 70 years.

*Wide use: can be used as gas pipe, medical gas supply pipe, home improvement pipe, etc.

*Easy installation: installation is extremely convenient, maintenance-free for life for one installation, and little damage to the building.


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