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Clamp Pressure Union Mobile Nut Adapter
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Clamp Pressure Union Mobile Nut Adapter

1. The double-pressure single-sealed connection is suitable for the connection of thin-wall stainless steel pipes with nominal sizes of DN15-DN100. It is a compression-type single-seal connection with extended edges, also known as a double-compression connection. The appearance of the Kaya is hexagonal.
2. After the thin-walled stainless steel pipe fittings are punched, bent, welded, and cut, the socket end has an extended straight section. After the inner and outer surfaces are polished or pickled and passivated, there is an anti-corrosion film on the interface to improve the surface resistance. Pitting corrosion performance.
3. If the internal and external thread conversion parts of thin-walled stainless steel pipe fittings are forged parts, the material structure is tight, which can overcome the blisters and looseness of the castings, without pitting corrosion, and have a long service life; if it is a casting, in addition to the material, it also needs to be tightly organized. Air holes and slag inclusions should also be treated with high temperature solid solution.
4. Water-resistant sanitary silicone rubber, EPDM rubber or chlorinated butyl rubber can be selected.

1. Reliable connection: due to the adoption of flexible anti-seismic connection, the sealing is reliable, the connecting part of the pipe and fittings deforms, falls off and shifts at the same time, the connection is firm, the anti-seismic ability is strong, and it can be laid in light or dark.

2. Convenient construction: The compression connection is a fast and labor-saving connection at present. A connection can be completed in 10 seconds, which can shorten the construction period. There is no pipe and welding operation, the construction site is clean and tidy, and there is no risk of fire.

3. Low construction skills and easy promotion: Because of the easy-to-use tools for construction, there is no need for skilled workers to operate. Any worker can perform construction only after simple training, and the quality can be guaranteed, which is convenient for popularization.

4. Sanitation and cleaning: After the pipeline is connected by extrusion, only the stainless steel material is in contact with the water to ensure that the water quality is not polluted.

5. Pipe material can be saved: Since the press connection does not require threading, thin-walled pipes can be used. At the same time, the inner diameter of the pipe with the same nominal diameter is increased, so that under the same volume condition, the pipe diameter can be reduced, saving pipe materials.


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