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Check 3 Way Pneumatic Sanitary Valves
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Check 3 Way Pneumatic Sanitary Valves

The sanitary pneumatic three-way ball valve consists of a piston-type pneumatic actuator and a sanitary three-way ball valve. All of them have undergone precise inspection procedures and strict quality management during the processing. The runner is precisely polished and sterilized. Its structure is divided into three-way T-type and three-way L-type, which play a role in dividing, merging, and reversing the medium. The sealing ring is a fully enclosed type and tightly wraps the valve ball, with no space and dead corners. The two ends are clamped to facilitate disassembly, cleaning and maintenance. The working principle is also to drive the rotation of the sphere through the 90-degree rotation of the pneumatic actuator to achieve the flow and blockage of the medium.

Pneumatic actuator: double-acting, single-acting

Driving air source: 5-7bar compressed air

Pneumatic accessories: limit switch, ding positioner, solenoid valve filter pressure reducing valve, handwheel mechanism

Nominal diameter: DN15~DN150

Nominal pressure: PN1.6

Applicable temperature: PTFE: -30~ 180℃

Connection method: hoop quick-installation

Valve body structure "three-way T-type, three-way L-type

Body material: 304, 316, 316L

Valve plate material: 304, 316, 316L

Seat lining: PTFE, PPL

Applicable medium: used for hygienic working conditions


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