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90°Sanitary Welded Elbow
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90°Sanitary Welded Elbow

The function of sanitary grade elbow at various angles
(1) reducing elbow - elbow with different diameters at both ends.
(2) Seamless elbow - elbow made of seamless steel pipe.
(3) Welding elbow (seam elbow) -- an elbow formed by welding with steel plate.
(4) Oblique elbow (shrimp waist elbow) -- welded by trapezoidal pipe segment, shaped like the elbow of shrimp waist.

The finished stamping sanitary pipe fittings and welded pipe fittings used in construction are generally divided into three kinds: stamping seamless elbow, stamping welded elbow and welding elbow.

High pressure elbow (high pressure pipe fittings)

The high pressure elbow is made of carbon steel or low alloy steel, and the two ends of the sanitary elbow are machined into the form of thread or groove according to the connection mode of the pipeline, and the machining accuracy is high.

② Stamping and welding elbow: choose the same material as the pipeline material, and then press it into half an annular elbow with the die, and weld it with the group.

This kind of elbow shall be delivered according to the group of semi-finished products, and the welding shall be completed according to the weld grade of the pipeline in the field construction.

(3) welding head: there are two production methods, one is in the processing plant with steel plate blanking, cutting after rolling welding forming, most of the steel plate coil supporting, the other is to use the pipe blanking, the group of welding forming.

(3) stamping seamless elbow: with carbon steel, stainless acid steel and low alloy steel seamless steel pipe, in the mold pressing molding, there are 90 degrees and 45 degrees two.


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