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316Ss Water Treatment Water Treatment Sanitary Unions
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316Ss Water Treatment Water Treatment Sanitary Unions

The design and form selection of the pipe support structure of the pipe support and hanger is an important part of the pipeline system design. In addition to supporting the weight of the pipe, the special pipe support can balance the force of the pipe system, limit the displacement of the pipeline and absorb vibration. When designing the piping system, correctly selecting and arranging the pipe support with a reasonable structure can improve the stress distribution of the pipe and the force on the pipe frame, ensure the safe operation of the piping system, and prolong its service life.

[Product level] Sanitary level

[Optional standards] GB, JB, HG, ANSI, JIS, DIS, BS, etc.

[Optional material] 304, 304L, 321, 316L, 301, etc.

[Optional specifications] 1″~6″, DN10~DN600, etc.

[Optional process] Polishing, frosting, baking varnish, wire drawing, etc.

【Product Category】  

1Pipe type: (quick assembly/welding) elbow, tee, cross, small and small, U-shaped pipe, etc.

2Valves: (Quick assembly/welding) butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, duckbill valves, etc.

3 Clamps category: clamps, and related accessories

4 Cleaning equipment: (fixed, rotating) cleaning ball, filter,

5 Floor drains and respirators: various types of floor drains and respirators

6 types of joints: flexible joints, quick-release joints, first class

7 Flange, inner wire, outer wire, nut


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