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316Ss Stainless Steel Water Treatment Sanitary Unions
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316Ss Stainless Steel Water Treatment Sanitary Unions

Clamps and joints are a kind of pipe fittings. A complete set includes: a quick assembly end, a quick assembly blind plate, a precision-cast clamp and a silicone gasket. Its main performance is quick connection and easy installation, which brings convenience to the project.

1. The full name of the product: stainless steel sanitary quick-install clamp blind plate joint

2. Specifications: DIN standard (DN10-DN300), ISO standard (Ф12.7-Ф325)

3. Product material: stainless steel SUS304. There is also stainless steel SUS316L, guaranteed material

4. Connection method: quick-release clamp connection

5. Scope of application: This product is suitable for beer, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, food, beverages, daily chemicals, machinery manufacturers and large-scale sanitation projects.

6. Characteristic performance: resistance to large temperature difference and corrosion resistance

7. Surface treatment: CNC precision turning

8. Packing method: plastic bag + carton

9. Non-standard customized products: Customized non-standard products can be processed according to user requirements with drawings and samples.


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