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316Ss Polished Water Treatment Sanitary Unions
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316Ss Polished Water Treatment Sanitary Unions

Stainless steel needle valve material selection:
Needle valve shape is more resistant than other valves, can withstand greater pressure, and has good sealing performance, so it is generally used for small flow adjustment, sealing of gas or liquid media with higher pressure, needle valve and pressure gauge It is most suitable to use in combination. The general needle valve shape will be made into a threaded connection.
Normal nominal diameter: DN5~DN25,
Nominal pressure: PN2.5 PN4 PN6.4 PN16 PN32Mpa.
Applicable medium: water, gas, oil and other non-corrosive or corrosive media.
Applicable temperature: -20℃~+440℃ -70℃~-240℃ ≤540℃ ≤570℃ etc.
Manufacturing materials: 20#, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 304, 316, 316L, 12Cr1Mov, etc.
Body material: 316ss, alloy, titanium, brass.

Stainless steel needle valve structure:

The stainless steel needle valve is used to adjust the flow of carrier gas, and some instruments use it to control the flow of gas and air. A straight shaft, namely a valve stem, is connected to the adjustment handle 1, and the lower end of the shaft is tapered, namely the valve needle 5. The flow is controlled by changing the relative position of the valve needle and the valve. When the adjusting handle rotates counterclockwise, the gap between the valve needle and the valve increases, and the gas resistance decreases, so the gas flow out of the needle valve increases. When the adjusting handle rotates in a clockwise direction, the valve needle seal is pressed against the valve, and the needle valve is closed. Insert a fluorine rubber gasket in the middle groove of the valve stem. The sealing ring 4 is coated with silicone oil and vacuum grease on its surface. When the valve stem moves, the sealing ring is always in close contact with the inner wall of the valve body to keep the valve body sealed. When the needle valve is not working, the needle valve should be used Fully open (this point is the opposite of the pressure regulator valve) to prevent the valve needle seal ring from sticking to the valve entrance, and also to prevent the compression spring from failing due to long-term pressure.

Due to the simple structure of the stainless steel needle valve, when the inlet pressure changes, the flow rate at the outlet of the valve needle at the same position also changes, so the needle valve cannot accurately adjust the flow rate. Needle valves are often installed in the air path to adjust the flow of air.


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