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316Ss Elbow Water Treatment Sanitary Unions
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316Ss Elbow Water Treatment Sanitary Unions

Product Name: Stainless Steel Quick Fitting
Product material: 304 stainless steel
Product specifications: φ19—φ406
Processing method: CNC precision turning
Scope of application: dairy products, food, beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, sanitary food machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment
Custom-made processing: Custom-made non-standard products can be processed according to customer requirements with drawings and samples.
Supporting products: Blind plate (blocking piece, blanking piece, quick-opening piece), clamp (precision cast clamp, stamping clamp, three-section clamp), silicone rubber. There are other sanitary products of equal caliber for welding or quick assembly.

Clamp joint: a joint with one end fitted with a clamp and rubber, and one end welded in the pipeline.

The clamp joint does not need to be welded and re-galvanized, and the installation speed is more than 3 times faster than flange-connected pipe fittings. It is lighter than the flange, the locking mechanism is ingenious, the number of bolts is small, and there is no need to lock the holes.

Clamp joints and accessories can be installed first, and can be adjusted in any direction and angle, and the piping can be freely installed.

Disassembly, washing and replacement only need to remove two clamps and four bolts, which is convenient for pipeline extension, replacement and rotation direction. Even wear.

Note: There is a difference between sanitary clamp joints and copy forest water treatment clamp joints. Sanitary clamp joints are mainly used in pipelines produced in the food and wine industries. The end of the clamp is raised, and the stainless steel clamp is matched. The hoop (with silica gel) is recessed. The length of the joint can be made according to requirements. The length of the commonly used joint DN108 is 21mm. On the contrary, the copy forest water treatment clamp is mainly used in water supply and drainage pipes, and the middle of the copy forest water treatment clamp Recessed, the rubber padding in the copy link band seals the butt of the two joints.


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