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304Ss Pipe Fittings Water Treatment Sanitary Unions
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304Ss Pipe Fittings Water Treatment Sanitary Unions

product description:
J24W stainless steel angle needle valve is an important part of the instrument measuring pipeline system. It has the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, tight connection, good for fire prevention, explosion protection, high pressure resistance, and good sealing performance. It is used in power stations, oil refining, and chemical industries. A convenient valve in the measuring pipeline of the device and instrument.

Structural features of stainless steel needle valve:

1. It is convenient to install and disassemble, and the connection is tight.

2. It is good for fire prevention, explosion-proof and high pressure resistance.

3. Good sealing performance and long service life. Even if the sealing surface is damaged, the needle valve only needs to replace the vulnerable parts and can continue to be used.

4. During installation, the flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the valve body.


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