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304Ss Din Water Treatment Sanitary Unions
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304Ss Din Water Treatment Sanitary Unions

Sanitary 304 external wire chuck joint stainless steel food grade quick-install clamp external threaded joint is also called quick-installed external wire, external threaded joint, stainless steel threaded joint, and external threaded joint. Sanitary 304 external thread chuck joint stainless steel food-grade quick-release clamp external thread joint is a connection method in pipeline installation, namely threaded connection, also known as threaded connection, which connects the pipe to the pipe and the pipe through the internal and external threads. The valves are connected. This connection is mainly used for the connection between steel pipes, copper pipes and high-pressure pipelines, pipe fittings, and valves.

1. Product material: 304 stainless steel, can also be made into stainless steel 316L, guaranteed material;

2. Product specification: DN15; in addition, there are DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65 optional;

3. Characteristic performance: resistance to large temperature difference and strong corrosion resistance;

4. Connection method: quick-fit clamp type;

5. Production process: CNC precision turning, mirror polishing;

6. Packing method: plastic bag + carton;

7. Uses: This product is widely used in various industries such as beer, food, medicine, beverages, chemical industry, light industry, electronics, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, electric power, petroleum, water treatment, etc.;

8. Customized processing: customized non-standard products can be processed according to user needs with drawings and samples;


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